Kemisk nomenklatur og terminologi

Ture Damhus, Peder Olesen Larsen, Bodil Nistrup Madsen and Sine Zambach

Consistency and Clarity in Chemical Concepts

Chemistry International, 31 (5), 6-11 (2009).


Peder Olesen Larsen

Dansk Sprognævn rammer ved siden af

Berlingske Tidendes Kronik den 8.5.2005

Genoptrykt med titlen Dansk Sprognævn skyder ved siden af i Biozoom 8 (2), 37-38 (2005).


Poul Andersen, Ole Bostrup, Kirsten Brønnum-Hansen, Ture Damhus, Inge Kauffmann, Peder Olesen Larsen, Carlth. Pedersen og Alexander Senning

Kemisk Ordbog

Teknisk Forlag1996. ISBN 87-571-1976-7. Side 1-491.



Peder Olesen Larsen:

On methusalesation.

Proc. Chem. Soc. (1962), 16.


This Competition, inspired by the second edition of J.E .Gowan and T.S. Wheeler’s “Name Index of Organic Reactions,” invited brief definitions of the nature and scope of any three of the following:

Eve’s method

Picasso replication

Adam’s reaction

Miss Arden’s colour test

Cain’s reagent

Busoni transposition

Borgia solution


Irresistible is an entry from P.O.L. of Copenhagen: “A method used by a subordinate (methusalisator) when he is not too interested in performing the investigation (methusalisate) proposed by his superior (methuselisant); the motive for methuselisation can be that the methuselisator (1) is lazy, (2) thinks that he has more important things to do, or (3) thinks the methuselisate is silly. Methuselisation may fail because (1) the methuselisator is a bad methuselisator, (2) the methuselisant takes a strong interest in the methuselisate, or (3) there are too many methuselisates to avoid them all.